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When he talks about his jewellery, Selim Mouzannar prefers to speak about imagination rather than about creation.

By watching him work, one can understand that the time spent in his workshop is a pleasure that he snatches from his perpetually busy life, and it’s there, and whilst touching his stones and looking at his craftsmen working with gold, that his jewellery creations take shape.

A new collection always begins with love at first sight. His pieces are dictated to him by light, colour and movement, which evoke his oriental Mediterranean, night-time in Beirut, and the green forests of his country.

This season, Selim was seduced by the brilliant white of the summits of Mount Lebanon in winter, snow-covered cloaks floating as short-lived clouds above the Mediterranean. He rediscovered this unique, white satin in the pearls of the South Sea.

He evokes with pleasure his workshop in Achrafieh as a place like a laboratory where he can, from the historic savoir-faire of the brand, experiment with new stones, new sizes, and new materials. With enamel, an antique Mediterranean artisanal material that Selim Mouzannar has been able to sophisticate, he has created this season a camaïeux starting with the black from the collection Mina, followed by ivory and for this new season, an anthracite grey which reveals the satin of a pearl.

Always inspired by the world of the Mediterranean, the unique piece from this collection is a pendant in the shape of a fish, made of a meticulous assembly of articulated and mobile gold scales. And because every piece by Selim Mouzannar is also multiple, he has created this fish with one side in white enamel and the other in ivory enamel, so that both sides are emphasised in a game of opposing colours.

And in the iconic pieces of the brand, the 7-point star of the collection Istanbul, is enriched with a model showing on one side a pearl set with rose cut diamonds in the shape of pears, and on the other side, an emerald cabochon set with rubies.

Because Selim Mouzannar plays with his perpetually moving heritage, the collection for winter 2018-19 plays with black and white and colour, stones and pearls, enamel and gold, the wonderful fish of the Mediterranean and the stars of an oriental night.

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